Quality Assurance
"Quality is our Backbone”
As implied by our motto, quality is the foundation on which Centric Steel Ltd. has been built. We take every precaution and measure to ensure that the products we supply match the highest standards of quality as measured against international standards. In order to ensure this, we have procured several machines and tools to safeguard against any defects and to identify them prior to dispatch. Some of the machines used by our Quality Department are listed below.

Machines to Maintain Quality:-

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Online Eddy Current? Tester-
CSL has an online eddy current tester to check for any pinholes, open weld seam and any other weld defects, in order to ensure the highest standards of quality and exceed our customer’s expectation.

Universal Testing Machine and Hardness Tester-
To achieve total customer satisfaction, CSL has computerized universal testing machine & digital Rockwell
Hardness tester to test Mechanical & Physical properties right from the Raw Material to the despatch of the finished goods to our customers.